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Welcome to the Callan School of English, Kraków

At the Callan School we offer English courses at competitive prices with flexible scheduling adapted to your needs:

The Callan Method

Established in 1960, the Callan Method is known today throughout the entire world. We decided to use it in our school because we think it is the fastest and most reliable method of English instruction. Speed, correction and repetition form the basis of the Method:

Trial Lessons

We offer you two days of trial lessons, which are free if you subsequently sign up for a course.

Level Tests and Quality Control

On your first day at the Callan School, we will give you a test to determine your level in English that will allow us to place you in the appropriate class.

After this initial stage, we will follow your progress and control your learning speed. This personalized approach lets us prepare you with confidence, not only for the Cambridge exams, but also for your further studies and professional opportunities.

Our Teachers

All our teachers are native English speakers. They are also trained in the teaching of the Callan Method. Choosing the best instructors is, for us, a priority, because experience has shown that careful selection of teachers is vital to the success of students.

Flexibility at the Callan School

Whatever your level of English, you can choose the length of study you want. You will always find a course that fits your university, personal or professional schedule.

Our professional and friendly staff will be able to:


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